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About Asif

I am currently working as the Lead Engineer and Head of Technical Department in Pakistan Office of Acutech pty ltd Australia. I manage the technical work there.

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I run an agency on Odesk and Elance
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As individual I have completed more than 15000 hours of fulltime job and 7000 hours of free lancing hours both on odesk and elance. My rating on all platforms is 4.9+ including fulltime job.

As agency we have completed 20,000+ hours with 5.0 rating.


  1. Microsoft Certified Professional Developer; aka MCPD for Web and ASP.NET 2.0
  2. Microsoft Certified Application Developer; MCAD for .NET 1.1
  3. Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist; MCTS .NET 2.0
  4. Microsoft Certified Professional; MCP on C# and windows services
  5. Microsoft Certified Professional; MCP on SQL Server
  6. Microsoft Certified Professional; MCP on ASP.NET and XML Web services
(Note: A lots of people ask me Which one of my certifications match ARFA KARIM's Certification. That is "MCP For ASP.NET". That was my SECOND Exam with Microsoft. My score was 981 out of 1000; amazing score wasn't that)

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I am an MCPD, MCAD, MCTS and MCP in Web and Windows technologies. My major is web development. I am specialist on Microsoft technologies like MVC3, Razor View Engine, ASP.NET 4, C#, Sql Server 2008 to other web standards like Html5, XHtml 1.1, CSS 3 and 2, JQuery. I include great automation to our development by tools like SuperLinq(linq to sql automation), Bassistance Validation, JQuery UI.

I do component based development, RIA(Rich Internet Applications), SOA(Service Oriented Architecture), RESTful Applications, OAuth2.0 based web servers, I provide help for Mobile Applications, Devices and desktop applications. I also provide web services for other technologies help like PHP and Java.

I have developed my taste in Modularized development, TDD(Test Drive Development), Componentization, Multi-tier architecture, AJAXified apps and lots of patterns.

I implement famous software development patterns such as Repository, Factory and Decorator patterns. I also do custom DAL automation, and we have developed our Custom Core libraries and written .NET Extension libraries with tons of base classes and extension methods.

I have specialized in client side performance tuning and Server side Memory debugging. I profile server's memory, review memory dumps, generate reports and suggest solutions. I work on client side page loading style, suggest improvements for faster loading and implement Web 2.0 standards on the website load-improvement.


Server side skills
C#                      .NET Framework        ASP.NET
MVC                    Razor                        Entity Framework
Linq to Sql          CQRS                         High scale architecture
IOC                     WCF                          Windows Services
RESTful APIs       Odata Services

Sql Server           RavenDB                   MongoDB
Neo4j                 Access Excel             Flat File database

Javascript and client side skills
Javascript          Jquery                       Node js
REST                  OAuth                        Javascript MVC
JS MVVM            JS Modules Pattern     Scalable JS Apps
Js templates     Backbone js                knockout js
jS routing         jquery UI                     jquery plugins
Node Express            CSS3                  HTML5

Patterns and practices
TDD                  Facade                       Mediator
Repository        Pipes and filters         CQRS
MVC                  MVVM                         knockout
Factory             Decorator                  Backbone js
MVC-Contrib     Jquery templates       T4 Code generation
Codesmith        Nuget

Code version control
GIT                   Mercurial                    SVN

Deployment and Servers
Windows Azure   Dedicated Servers       AppHarbor
Rackspace          Amazon                       Windows Azure Node/IIS Node

Code samples
on demand

Inhouse job experience
6 years of experience with top large incorporations with 9000 hours of in-house development

Free lacer experience
3000 Free lancing hours on odesk and elance with full customer ratings

Few work samples via online websites

Contact Information
Email Address: asif.log@gmail.com
Skype ID: ashrafasif